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    A question a lot of people ask is whether success can be gained from trading penny stocks. My answer is yes but would love to discuss with other penny stock traders. One of my mentors was Tim Sykes , he has made over $5 million trading penny shares. Anyone else have success?



    Investing in penny stocks always involves accepting a high level of risk, and this tends to be even more the case when the stock market is volatile or uncertain. Penny stock investing is not for the faint of heart, but rather only for investors with a healthy dose of risk tolerance.

    To increase the odds of making a good penny stock investment, investors are wise to search out stocks operating in market sectors evidencing strong growth and to identify those companies in the healthiest financial positions.

    5 top penny stocks are:-

    1) Curis Inc.

    Curis Inc. (NASDAQ: CRIS) is a small biotechnology firm engaged in developing therapeutic drugs for treating cancer and neurological and dermatological diseases. The company pursues research both in-house and through strategic joint ventures with other biotech or pharmaceutical firms, and has several drug candidates in research and development. The company’s most advanced drug project is a small molecule inhibitor designated as CUDC-907. CUDC-907 has reached the stage of completing the dose escalation segment of phase 1 clinical studies.

    2) First Majestic Silver

    A stock to consider in light of the fact that many market analysts believe precious metals prices have bottomed out in 2015 is First Majestic Silver (NYSE: AG). Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, First Majestic is in the business of acquisition or exploration, development and production of silver mines in Mexico.

    The company owns five silver mines that are already producing and has two mining projects in the exploration and development phase. The company estimates final 2015 production figures to be in the neighborhood of 12.5 million ounces.

    3) Avon Products Inc.

    Avon Products Inc. (NYSE: AVP) is a leading manufacturer of beauty products. In addition to cosmetics and fragrances, the company markets jewelry, apparel, home decorative items, nutritional products and housewares. Avon operates in more than 60 countries worldwide.

    4) Genetic Technologies Ltd.

    Australia-based Genetic Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: GENE) was the first company to obtain patents giving it the intellectual property rights to specific uses of non-coding DNA for the purpose of genetic analysis. The company manufactures testing and assessment tools for managing women’s health, specifically to improve techniques for breast cancer screening.

    5) Groupon Inc.

    Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ: GRPN) has been in relative freefall since its 2011 initial public offering (IPO) at $26 per share. Nonetheless, the company’s earnings per share (EPS) have been on a steady climb recently, and the projected EPS growth for 2016 is 22.5%.



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